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I   - Wellness Mantra - How to Live Longer and more Energetic Life ?

Life style changes is all that is needed.

Our traditional culture and simple common sense tells us that the best way to maintain good health is to enhance the Body defenses and there by prevent disease occurring in the first place.

“Health is not just absence of disease but physical, mental, social and spiritual well being.”



1. Healthy Eating :

Low salt, low fat, more & vegetables, balanced diet.


2. Good habits :

Stop smoking, Gutka and Alcohol. Tobacco is the no.1 preventable cause of diseases (including Heart attack , paralysis , COPD, lung cancer, GI cancers etc.)


3. Get physically active:

Regular physical activity 30-60 min per day on atleast 5 days a week will help in preventing diseases as well as increasing your energy levels.


4. Stress management:

Be a positive person.
Learn to relax by the method of your choice- Yoga/ meditation/ music/gardening/praying to God.

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