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IX   - Cervical spondylosis & Sciatica - "pain in the neck"!

Neck pain and back pain sometimes radiating to arm and leg respectively are quiet common because of occupational strain (working with computers / type writers) incorrect Postures and increased use of vehicles.

The common symptoms are stiff neck, neck pain, and restriction of movement, radiating pain, numbness& weakness of hand.

Sciatica: Back pain, radiating to the leg, increased on standing or walking.


1. Conservative: - Rest, analgesics (pain killers) & physiotherapy cure 80% of the cases.

2. Surgical decompression is needed in some severe cases.


1. Maintaining good postures while sitting, standing and sleeping.

2. Using ergonomically designed chairs.

3. Practicing proper body mechanics while doing tasks.

4. Balanced diet, weight and regular exercise.

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