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IV   - Diabetes-Beware of the Hidden Dangers
Diabetes is a systemic disease affecting all important organs of the body.
1.   India is the” Diabetic capital of the World “, currently with 32 million and the figure is still growing!!
2.   Maintaining the blood sugars in normal levels is “just one part of the management”.
3.   Diabetics have high risk of cardiovascular diseases. 2/3rd of the people with Diabetes die of Heart disease or Brain Stroke (paralysis).
4.   Diabetic Neuropathy is the most common and Painful complication upto 50% of the people with D.M are affected to some degree. It is also a major cause of impotence in diabetic men./a>
5.   Diabetes retinopathy is a leading cause of Blindness and visual disability. After 15 yrs of Diabetes about 10% developed severe visual handicap.
6.   Diabetes is among the leading causes of kidney failure./a>
7.   Diabetic foot disease, due to changes in blood vessels and nerves, often leads to ulceration and subsequent limb amputation. Diabetes is the most common cause of non traumatic amputation of lower limb.
The corners stones of diabetic acre are :
1.   Medication
2.   Comprehensive patient education
3.   Nutrition advise and weight management
4.   Life style modification and exercises
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