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V   - Hypertension - Silent Killer
Are You at risk ?  
IN an adult blood pressure > 140/90 mm hg is hypertensive. High blood pressure has no sign or symptoms, you can have it for years with out knowing it. The only way is to measure it.
Why should You care ?
High blood pressure can hurt your body in many ways.

It adds to the work load of your heart and arteries and contributes to Heart attacks, Heart failure , kidney failures, Paralysis and some times Blindness. Hence it is called as “SILENT KILLER.”
Who is at risk of Hypertension?
Anyone can have it. 9/ 10 people with high B.P do not have an identifiable cause (essential hypertension). However people with

- Family history of High blood pressure.

- Age more than 35 in men > 45 in women.

- Over weight , lack of exercises

- High salt diet, excessive alcohol consumption and

- Diabetics have high risk of hypertension .

What should You do
Hypertension cannot be cured but can be controlled and it effects can be prevented or reduced by following these simple measures …..

• Eat less salt, low fat diet. Take more fruits and vegetables

• Have a program of regular exercises and lose weight and maintain healthy weight

• Avoid smoking, alcohol abused and reduce stress.

• Take medicines for high B.P on the advice of your Doctor regularly everyday and lifelong on the advice.

• Managing high blood pressure is a life long commitment.

• Avoid fast food and packaged food.

• Don’t stop taking your medicines if your B.P is okay that means the medicine is working!

It is a common misconception that taking drugs everyday lifelong is harmful to the body, while the truth is otherwise.
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