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VIII   - Headache - from Pain to Panic
Head ache is a common symptom both in children and adults. Accounting for missing school/ job, disturbing daily routine and causing great misery sometimes.

The two important varieties are:-

1. Primary headaches (80%) Benign but chronic recurrent and disturbing

• Migraine and migraine variants
• Tension type headaches
• Cluster headaches


General measures:
- Regular Diet, Sleep & exercises

- Avoid precipitating factors.

- Relaxation and stress management.

- Quit smoke, avoid harmones

- Prophylactic medication.

- Drugs for acute attack.

2. Secondary headaches (10-20%)

These are because of serious underlying diseases and need to be diagnosed by CT scan/MRI scan/ MRA/MRV/CSF analysis as required for early management.

When to see a Doctor and get investigated

• Sudden , severe , “ thunderclap” headache

• A headache occurs with a stiff neck, fever, vomiting, drowsiness, confusion, Paralysis, slurred speech and blurring of vision.

• You have headaches that wake you up at night.

• The headaches are occurring daily or are becoming worse.

• The headaches occur after physical exercise, sexual activity, coughing, or sneezing.

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