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IX   - Epilepsy (FITS) - did not stop them !!!
Seizures are abnormal involuntary movements or behaviour due to unsual electrical activity in brain. Epilepsy is a group of related disorders characterized by a tendency for recurrent seizures. Epilepsy is a common condition effecting 1% of population.

Many great people like Alexander, Issac Newton, Alfred Nobel, Charles Dickens, Richard Burton, Tony Greg, Johnty Rhodes, and Socrates all had Epilepsy! But it did not prevent them from achieving heights and success in their fields.

It is a common neurological disorder that results when abnormal bursts of electrical discharges occur in brain. World wide atleast there are above 10 crores and about 1 crore in India suffering from this disease. There are now accurate diagnostic modalities like CT, MRI, EEG etc., to evaluate accurately the type and cause of epilepsy. The majority of epilepsies are controlled through drug therapy. In certain cases surgery may be used. Educational, social and psychological supports are also part of the total treatment paln. The most important message is that Epileptics can lead a normal life like any other person.


It is contagious? No.

Can we continue studies? You can continue the studies normally.

Can I marry? You can marry and have normal children.

Can I continue taking Drugs during pregnancy? Yes, if needed under medical supervision. Folic acid supplementation reduces side effects.

Is it Hereditary? Most of the times itís not.

Can they travel? Regular usage of medicines with fits under control can travel normally.

Can they have Impotence? No.

Is it related to madness? No relation with mental illness/madness.

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