Clinical Specialities

Clinical Cardiology

Daily Cardiology OPD cases are seen from Mon- Saturday.
24hrs emergency services for Cardiology cases

Cardiac CCU : We have modern air conditioned cardiac CCU with each bed having central ECG & Video Monitoring system, central oxygen supply, central vaccum suction and central compressed air, bed side monitors, pulse oxy meters, gluco meters, nebulizer, emergency medicines, and lab support.

All beds in the ICU are equipped with bedside monitors capable of monitoring multiple variables on a single screen. The monitors are linked to the nursing station at a central console. These sophisticated patient monitoring systems allow for greater flexibility and varied input of parameters.

The ICU also has Defibrillator facility and emergency pacing team, bed side X-Ray, Ultrasound and ECHO Cardiogram, Holter monitoring, event recording system, Syringe pumps, both invasive Non invasive pressure monitors facilities. For acute heart attack patients best facilities are available to give thrombolytic therapy, Emergency Pace Maker, Primary Angioplasty & Stenting, Intra Aortic Balloon Counter Pulsation (IABPI) and Emergency By-pass Surgery “all under one roof”.

Complete Diagnostics: Bed side X-Ray, Ultrasonography, ECHO Cardiogram, Holter monitoring, Event recording system, both invasive & Non invasive pressure monitor facilities