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Lalitha super specialties Hospital has been conducting this programme under the national Board of examination (NBE), New Delhi since 2009. The Hospital is accredited in both Broad Speciality (DNB) & Super Speciality categories

General Medicine 2 January
Cardiology 1 January
Neurology 2 January
Good teaching program,
Excellent clinical material
Good stipend with accommodation will be provided for selected candidates For more details: Contact: +91 944 0800 350


Tuesday & Wednesday - Seminar (12am – 1pm)
Thursday - Journal Club From (12am – 1pm)
Friday – Case Discussion (8am – 9am)
Saturday – Grand Rounds (9am – 1pm)

Monthly once - Last Sunday
Topic CME (10am – 2pm)

Candidates who are in possession of MBBS degree/Provisional Pass Certificate recognized as per the provisions of the Indian Medical Council Act 1956 and possess permanent / provisional registration certificate of MBBS qualification issued by the Medical Council of India and have completed one year of internship.


Centralized Merit Based Counseling:–

Candidates who qualify the Centralized Entrance Test (CET) to be conducted by NBE and fulfill the eligibility criteria for admission to DNB (Primary) courses at various NBE accredited Medical Colleges/Institutions/Hospitals in India shall participate in the counseling for allocation of seats on merit cum choice basis.


Candidates will be required to submit a thesis/dissertation 6 months before taking the Final Examination. The Thesis/Dissertation protocol would have to be submitted to the Controller of Examinations of the National Board through the Head of the Institution within two months of joining the training in the institution.


The Examination for part II may be taken at any time following three years of satisfactory completion of Residency and will consist of a theory. The Examination is of 4 papers. A pass in this theory examination qualifies the resident for the final clinical, viva voce examination. This is conducted at a center away from the city of the institution of Residency. A pass in this Clinical Test is required for award of the DNB.

DNB Neurology Trainees

01.Feb 2014 – Feb 2017 Dr. B. Sidheswar Ulhas – Passed Theory & Practicals in First Attempt
Mobile No. 833352382

2) Feb 2015 – Feb 2018 Dr. P.Rajendra Kumar – Passed Theory & Practicals in First Attempt
Mobile No. 9490759381

3) Feb 2016 – Feb 2019 Dr. N.Ramesh – Passed Theory & Practicals, Mobile No. 9052455563

4) April 2018 - Dr. K.Ranjith Kumar - Ongoing Mobile No. 8639281441

5) April 2018 - Dr.M.Rajya Lakshmi - Ongoing

6) July 2019 - Dr. M.Bhargavi - Ongoing,

7) July 2019 - Dr.M.Swetha - Ongoing


Presented Scientific Paper presentation in International Conferences 10th World Stroke Congress
1. Dr. Sidheswar Ulhas .B
“ Carotid Stenting Without Use Of Distal Protection Devices: Safety And Efficacy”

2. Dr. P.Rajendra Kumar
“ Clinical Features And Contributing Factors Of Cardio Embolic Stroke And Their Outcomes In A Tertiary Care Hospital “

3. Dr. N.Ramesh
“ A Retrospective Study Of Clinical Profile, Imaging And Outcome In Patients Of Posterior Reversible Encephalopathy Syndrome “

Presented Scientific Paper presentation in National Conferences:

1.Dr.Sandeep Joshi
a) 2010 A.P. NEUROCON at Warangal “Analysis of 60 consecutive cases of CVT: Clinical, Radiological features, Risk factors, Management and Outcome, From a single centre, India”.
b) Case report of Central Pontine Myelinolysis
c) Cerebral Venous Sinus Thrombosis in Males: Risk factors, Presentation, Diagnosis and Outcome.
a) 2009 - ESC Congress, Barcelona “Emergency PTA With Stenting To Internal Carotid Artery In Acute Ischemic Stroke Improves Recanalization Rates And Outcomes”
b) 2010 - World Stroke Congress- at Seoul, South Korea “ Analysis Of 60 Consecutive Cases Of CVT: Clinical, Radiological Features, Risk Factors, Management And Outcome, From A Single Center, India.”

2.Dr. Jadhav Nilesh
a) AP APICON 2011 - “ 90 Cases OF Cerebellar Strokes - Clinical Features, Management and outcome.” – Got 2nd Prize
b) A.P.NEUROCON 2011 – “Thrombolysis with intravenous (IV) recombinant tissue plasminogen activator (rtPA) of acute ischemic stroke: Efficacy and safety profile”
a) 2010 - WSC, Seoul “ Emergency angioplasty/stenting in 10 consecutive cases of Acute Basilar Stroke from a Single Center, India.”
b) 2012- WSC Brazil "Clinical features, medical, surgical management and outcome in 128 consecutive cases of cerebellar strokes from a single centre, India"

3.Dr. Vishal Patel
a) “Urgent evaluation, management and prognosis of TIA patients - A Prospective Study from a single stroke center, India
a) 2011 EUROPCR, Paris “Catheter Based Interventional Therapy of Acute Ischemic Stroke – Experience from a single stroke center, India”
b) 2012- WSC Brazil, “Urgent evaluation, management and prognosis of TIA patients - A Prospective Study from a single stroke center, India”

4.Dr. Maheedhar Reddy
a) 2014 - WSC Turkey, “ Outcome after Decompressive Craniectomy in patients with Ischemic stroke.”

5.Dr. J.Mohan Murali
a) 2016 – WSC 10th World Stroke congress , Hyderabad “ Angioplasty Combined With Intravenous Thrombolysis In Acute Middle Cerebral Artery Stroke: A Case Report “

6.Dr. Rajasekhar
2016 – 10th WSC Hyderabad, “Interventional Therapy Of Acute Posterior Circulation Ischemic Stroke – A Single Center Experience Of 40 Patients”

DNB Cardiology Trainees

01.July 2019 Dr. Khamkar Vikas Somnath – Ongoing

DNB General Medicine Trainees Academic details

1) 2009 – Dr. Sandeep Joshi – Completed & Practicing
2) 2010 – Dr. Nilesh Jadhav : Passed & Joined in DNB Cardiology
3) 2012 – Dr. Vishal Patel : Details not available
4) 2013 – Dr. Maheedhar Reddy : Passed
5) 2014 – Dr. Mohan Murali Cell : 998 519 1842 - Passed
6) 2015 – Dr. Rajasekhar Cell : 949 436 2510 - Passed
7) 2016 – Dr. Manjunath Cell : 959 171 2310 - Passed
8) 2017 – Dr. Raghu Vamsi - Ongoing
9) 2017 – Dr. Dr. Sree Charan - Ongoing
10) 2018 – Dr. Tino Baby DNB - Ongoing
11) 2018 – Dr. Venkata Subbaiah DNB - Ongoing
12) 2019 – Dr. N.Premchand DNB - Ongoing
13) 2019 – Dr. A.Rajendra DNB - Ongoing
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