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Welcome to Neurology Services at Lalitha Super Specialities Hospital. Our physicians and staff members welcome the opportunity to provide your care. We are committed to high-quality service and making your visit as satisfying as possible.

Clinical Neurology :
Daily Neurology OPD cases are seen from Mon- Saturday

24hrs Emergency services for Neuro emergency cases

Special Clinics:
Stroke clinic
Epilepsy clinic
Headache clinic

Comprehensive stroke unit:
24/7 availability Stroke team
IV thrombolytic Treatment (rt-PA)
Comprehensive rehabilitation
Speech therapy

Acute Neuro care:
Head trauma, GB syndrome, Meningitis & Encephalitis

Complete Neuro Diagnostics:
* Spiral CT Scan
* 4 Vessel Angio
* Clinical Electro physiological studies
* Visual Evoked Potentials (VEP)
* Electroencephalography
* Electromyography & Nerve Condition Velocity
* Carotid Doppler
* Interventional Neurology

Preventive programs:
Complete Stroke check up

Interventional Neurology:
Acute Carotid Angioplasties
Acute Vertebral Angioplasties
Basilar Angioplasties
MCA angioplasties

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