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On the eve of World Stroke Day 2010, several activities were performed by Ankineedu stroke center, Lalitha Hospital, Guntur.

Oct 25th - Interview was given to the Press and Electronic Media by Dr.P.Vijaya. there were 10 news paper reporters and 6 TV channel personnel attended. “One in Six” slogan was explained. The risk factors, preventive aspects were stressed and stroke symptoms recognition was detailed including FAST test. The interview was relayed in all Local and National TV channels and given wide publicity in Telugu and English news papers.

Oct 26th – 29th free stroke risk screening desk is maintained in the premises of Lalitha Super Specialities Hospital from 9AM to 5PM. About 1000 people were screened with risk charts and advised about prevention.

On Oct’ 27th A Unique concept of “Stroke volunteer Network” program was inaugurated in collaboration with the “Indian Red Cross Society” , Guntur District Branch where students from Medical, Dental, Pharmacy, B.Ed Colleges, BSc Nursing colleges and Medical Rep’s Association participated actively and heard PPT presentation and important aspects of stroke. About 500 people registered themselves as “Stroke Volunteers” and pledged to spread stroke information by wearing badges and distributing Pocket cards for the next 3 days. It is also planned to build up stroke volunteer data bank with regular SMS alerts and for conduct meetings and continue the campaign through out the year.

On Oct’ 28th meeting was held with executive body and members of The Guntur district Retired Officials Association. Talk on stroke awareness was given by Dr.P.Vijaya followed by Interactive session. A free screening camp is also done including BP, blood sugar and ECG test. Stroke risk score was calculated and advise accordingly. A total of 300 senior citizens were screened and 150 people were enrolled in the Stroke Volunteer Network.

On World Stroke Day - Oct’ 29th stroke awareness program was held at Lalitha Super Specialities Hospital premises with patients, care givers and general public with distribution of pamphlets and PPT presentation and gave the message that “Just to control Hypertension will stop half of the strokes”. In interactive session where 300 people participated, several patients shared their experiences about their stroke and encouraged people to adapt preventive measures and healthy life style. All the stroke patients had given free consultation and advice regarding secondary prophylaxis, physiotherapy and life style modification. Free BP check up for general public was done to detect the silent hypertension. Patient with cardiac condition IHD and Valvular Heart diseases were screened free and ECG will take to detect Atrial Fibrillation.

On same day evening, a live interaction program was telecast in the Siti Cable TV network by Dr.P.Vijaya on Stroke for 1 hour involving questions and answers. The target audience included more than 5 lakh people and it was a huge success.

Stroke awareness program was also held at Temple and at LIC office with general public, NGO’s, LIC employees, Medical representatives with distribution of pamphlets and PPT presentation.

In addition, Ankineedu stroke center do every day patient education to the OPD patients and those admitted with stroke and their first degree relatives and care takers. Monthly SMS alerts about stroke prevention sent via to the stroke volunteers to their contacts.

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